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● Excellent anti-glare effects and adjustable haze/gloss levels
● Excellent abrasion resistance and a fine and smooth touch feeling without obvious sparkling points
● Colorless and transparent liquid with low viscosity that is suitable for spraying
● Reliability testing consistency guarantee
● The main components are isopropanol / ethanol / SiO2; It does not contain other toxic and hazardous substances; Safety and environmental protection have been taken into consideration

Feature Description

"Glare" is a harmful lighting phenomenon. "Glare" occurs when a light source is extremely bright or when there is a significant difference between background brightness and the center of the field of view. “Glare” can overwhelm the eyes and result in dizziness, discomfort, or even vision distortion and affect eye health. Anti-glare coating can effectively mitigate “glare”, reduce the interference of ambient light, improve viewing angles and display brightness, and decrease screen reflectivity so that images becomes sharper. Treated screens can be viewed clearly even in bright lighting or sunlight. The ET904 series anti-glare liquid developed by ETOUCH boasts excellent performance, ease of use, safety and eco-friendliness. Haze can be adjusted to meet different product needs by spraying parameters.

Process Description

Silk screening of frame- Cleaning before coating - AG spraying - Thermal curing at 200℃ for 30 minutes
Resisted steel wool (2 x 2cm) or an industrial eraser (Φ = 6mm) at 1 kgf more than 3000 times without breaking the coating
No significant aging occurred with anti-aging performance testing using a 120-hour QUV and a 66-hour life tester (using Xenon).

Application Description

● Consumer electronics
● Smart home devices
● Automotive and industrial devices
● Medical devices
● Information security devices
Application Areas
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