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● Environmentally friendly
● Water content < 40 ppm
● PH = 7
● Cost-effective
● Reliability testing consistency guarantee

Feature Description

In daily production or use, touch screens are inevitably scratched or become dirty, especially with hard-to-remove grease. Using screen protectors is not only troublesome but also costly with unimpressive results. Currently, manufacturers of mobile phones with capacitive touchscreens generally treat capacitive touchscreens using an AF vacuum coating process and spray coating process, invisibly protecting the screen with a super-hydrophobic film and also providing subtle touch and anti-dirtiness effects. The ET51 series anti-fingerprint agent developed by ETOUCH features excellent performance, ease of use, affordable pricing, safety and eco-friendliness. It provides anti-fingerprint, hydrophobic, anti-contamination, and anti-scratch properties to meet the needs of different products.

Process Description

Vacuum coating: cleaning of substrate to be coated — plasma pre-treatment of substrate — priming with SiO2 — deposition of AF coating—detection of sprayed coating: cleaning of substrate to be coated — plasma pre-treatment of substrate — AF spraying — baking — detection of water contact angle.

Application Description

● Consumer electronics
● Smart home devices
● Automotive and industrial devices
● Medical equipment
● Military equipment
Application Areas
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